Intro bit

We are producers, directors, writers, shooters and editors. For 20 years we've been working with global brands like Toyota and American Express, creating videos for all imaginable internal and external uses. Could be for an audience of one in an executive corner office, or for the entire Interwebs. From our base in Los Angeles we've shot in every corner of the United States, and on location in Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Canada and Mexico.

How we work, and how we think

We work directly with decision-makers at large companies -- with marketing departments, training departments, corporate communications and HR, with managers, VPs and presidents -- to figure out what needs to be said, who's going to say it, and how. We often end up with a small group of people, perhaps just two, visualizing what the audience should experience when they view the message. We talk, we make decisions, and we pick up the cameras.

We get to know our clients very well, and we believe this results in clearer communication, freer creativity, a faster process, and a better finished product. And quite often, a smaller budget. It also leads to satisfying, long-term business relationships -- 20 years in some cases.

We love ideas, and we'll bring you lots of them. We're adventurous, open-minded, and spontaneous. We take great pride in our work, and we're good at what we do.
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What we do

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Corporate communications, internal and external
Web videos
Marketing campaigns
Public relations videos
Recruitment campaigns
Training and education programs
Product videos
Conference videos
Year-in-Review videos
Employee videos
Behind-the-Scenes videos
Surgical procedure videos

Industries we’ve worked in

Athletic apparel
Consumer electronics
Financial services
Food and beverage
Health and beauty
Healthcare and medicine
Information technology
Medical devices
Medical research
Online retail
Professional sports
Video games
Wireless communications

Some of our clients

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Who we are

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Roger Bartley, Producer/Director

Roger is the R ’n B in RBPI. He was previously a producer with NBC News and MTV, and started RBPI in 1995. A native of the United Kingdom, he likes Alesmith beer, science documentaries (must be narrated by Morgan Freeman), and commentating on his own "moves" while playing soccer.
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Per Larsson, Director of Photography

Per is a two-time Emmy Award winner for his work on the CBS prime time television show The Amazing Race. He has also shot Survivor, The Apprentice, Hell’s Kitchen, and Project Runway. A native of Sweden, Per enjoys a good Smörgåstårta and the occasional Fläskpannkaka, if the mood is right.

David Dobson, Editor/Graphic Artist

David has edited for the Home Entertainment divisions of Fox, Universal and Sony, and created motion graphics for the American Music Awards, the American Country Music Awards, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and the Golden Globes. A native of Hawaii, David has a sponge-like capacity for things like codecs and formats, and enjoys a nice Latvian vodka, long walks on the beach, and defeating evil, non-responsive software programs.

Aasulv Wolf Austad, FNF, Director of Photography

Since no one even in his native Norway can properly pronounce his first name, Aasulv goes by the nickname Wolf. Better, right? Wolf is an award-winning cinematographer who has shot over 30 documentaries, feature films and commercials. These days he’s known better as Mimi’s Dad than Wolf.
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Give us a shout

If you have a project in mind, and have questions about budget, timings, workflow or creative approaches, give us a call, text or email: | tel: +1 310.849.8924